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WordCamp Toronto: Developers is all about bringing the community together to help each other learn. Whether it’s how to build your first child theme or sharing advanced coding best practices, this is the time and place to share your knowledge and present a session!

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What topics are we looking for?
We want speakers to be comfortable, so the following are just some suggestions:

  • Intro to Plugin/Theme Development
  • User Experience/UI Design
  • WordPress Plugin API
  • Theme/Plugin Frameworks
  • WordPress as an App Framework
  • Intro to PHP & MySQL
  • Version Control (Git, Mercurial, etc.)
  • Choosing an IDE
  • Mobile & Responsive Design

What skills do you need to be a speaker?
Good speakers communicate ideas clearly. Great speakers get their audience engaged. You should be confident and comfortable with the content you’re presenting. The best presentations offer practical examples and demonstrations, not just theories.

What equipment do you need?
George Brown College classrooms come equipped with both audio and video equipment, so all you need to bring is your laptop. If you have a Mac, please bring your VGA display adapter to hook up with the podium.

How much time do speakers get?
Each speaker is given 45 minutes to use as they please. A good rule of thumb is 30-35 minutes of presentation and 10-15 minutes of discussion.

What else should speakers know?
WordCamp Central requests that all presentations be recorded for uploading to, so all speakers will be asked to sign a media release form.

We have a tradition of hosting a Speakers Dinner on the Friday night prior to WordCamp. This gives presenters an opportunity to chat and share ideas, and maybe even make some improvements to their talks!

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